Propylene glycol
          Dimethyl carbonate
          Propylene carbonate
          Dimethylformamide (DMF)
          Sodium hydroxide
          Formic acid
          Ethylene glycol

Propylene carbonate

1. Physical and chemical properties


Colorless odorless Transparent liquid

Molecular Weight: 102.09g/moL
Molecular Formula: C4H6O3
Melting Point: -49
Boiling Point: 242
Flash Point: 128
Water Solubility: 240 g/L (20℃)

2. Various numbers: CAS RN.:108-32-7  EINECS:203-572-1  
3. Usage: used as synthetic fiber and other polymer solvents, but also as extractants, plasticizers, etc .; 1, the electronics industry can be used for high-energy batteries and capacitors of the medium 2, the polymer industry can be used as polymer Of the solvent and plasticizer.
 Used as a plasticizer for adhesives and sealants. Can also be used as phenolic resin curing accelerator and water-soluble adhesive pigments and dispersants. 3, the chemical industry is the synthesis of dimethyl carbonate, the main raw material can also be used to remove natural gas, petroleum pyrolysis gas in carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. In addition: can also be used for textile, printing and dyeing and other industrial fields. 
4. Fire-fighting Measures: fire-fighting agents: mist water, foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sand fire. 
5. First Aid Treatment: skin contact: Take off the contaminated clothing, rinse with flowing water. Eye contact: lift the eyelid, rinse with running water or saline. Get medical treatment. Inhalation: remove from the scene to the fresh air. If breathing difficult, give oxygen, get medical treatment. Ingestion: drink plenty of warm water, vomit, get medical treatment. 
6. Packaging, Storage and Transportation: galvanized iron drum, 250kg/drum, 80drums/20'FCL,can also be used ISO TANK or in accordance with the requirements of customers packaging. Stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, away from fire, heat and light. And stored separately from the oxidant in a closed container. Avoid mixed storage. Avoid contact with strong oxidants, moisture, heat, heat and sun exposure. Transport: according to the general provisions of the general cargo storage and transportation.

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