Propylene glycol
          Dimethyl carbonate
          Propylene carbonate
          Dimethylformamide (DMF)
          Sodium hydroxide
          Formic acid
          Ethylene glycol

Dimethyl carbonate

1. Physical and Chemical Properties 

colorless transparent liquid
Molecular Weight: 90.08g/moL
Molecular Formula: C3H6O3
Density: 1.024g/cm3
Melting Point: 2-4℃
Boiling Point: 90.5°C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 18.3°C
refractive_index: 1.361
Water Solubility: 139 g/L

2. Various numbers:  CAS RN.:616-38-6  EINECS:210-478-4
3. Usage:
 It is used to prepare polycarbonates commercially, water treatment agent, can be prepared ciprofloxacin, carbadox and other pharmaceutically pesticides, one of the materials is essential to the electrolytic solution prepared high-energy battery, due to its Excellent chemical properties and environmental protection (very low toxicity), recently in the paint, ink, adhesive widely used, or a good organic solvent, known as the 21st century green chemical products, because the use of a very wide range, known as today Organic synthesis of the "new cornerstone."

4. Fire-fighting measures: Fire-fighting agents: sand, foam, powder, carbon dioxide.
5. First-aid Measures: If contact with skin or clothes, wash them with water. If contact with an eye, rinse with running water or physiological saline. If inhaled, remove from the scene to fresh air, give oxygen and artificial respiration, get medical treatment If ingested, drink plenty of warm water, vomit, get medical treatment.
6. Packaging, Storage and Transportation: Dimethyl Carboante can be packed and transported in galvanized iron drum(200kg /drum),80drums/20'FCL and ISO tank.
Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated non-combustible warehouse.
 Away from fire and heat. Temperature in the warehouse should not exceed 10 ℃. Keep the container sealed. Avoid mixed storage with the oxidant, reducing agent, acid etc. Keep away from lighting and heat. Prohibit the use of mechanical equipment and tools that are prone to sparks. Storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and suitable storage materials. Be transportated as dangerous goods.

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