Propylene glycol
          Dimethyl carbonate
          Propylene carbonate
          Dimethylformamide (DMF)
          Sodium hydroxide
          Formic acid
          Ethylene glycol


1. Physical and chemical properties

Appearance:White or pale yellow liquid at room temperature, smell like camphor

Molecular Weight: 138.21 g/moL


Molecular Formula:C9H14O

Melting Point:-8℃

Boiling Point:214-216°C

Flash Point:85°C

Water Solubility:miscible

2. Various numbers      CAS NO.:78-59-1     EINECS NO:201-126-0  

3. Usage

Isophorone is widely used in synthesis of PU raw material, pharmaceuticals,

agrochemicals, paints and varnishes.

4. Fire-fighting Measures

Alert Fire Brigade and tell them location and nature of hazard. Wear full body protective clothing with breathing apparatus. Prevent, by any means available, spillage from entering drains or water course. Use water delivered as a fine spray to control fire and cool adjacent area. Avoid spraying water onto liquid pools. DO NOT approach containers suspected to be hot. Cool fire exposed containers with water spray from a protected location. If safe to do so, remove containers from path of fire.

5. First Aid Treatment

If splashed on the skin, clothes, rinse with water, splash into the eyes, rinse with flowing water or saline. 

6. Packaging, Storage, Transportation

Iron drum,190kgs/drum, 80drums/20GP; ISO tank, 22tons

Isophorone should be stored in cool and well-ventilated warehouse which isfar away from heat and fire. Keep container tightly closed and avoid direct sunshine.

Storage temperature should be 0~30℃. Avoid mixing with acid, alkali, alcohol,amine. Emergency treatment equipment should be present in the workplace.

Appropriate leakage collection container should be equipped. T he shelf life is 12 months under recommended storage conditions. The product must be kept away from heat and humid environment in the process of preservation. In transporation, it should be in accordance with the regulations of general goods. 

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